Toc toc Toc toc

Toc toc

Teatru: Teatrul National Marin Sorescu
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“TOC TOC” is a play written by French playwright and actor Laurent Baffie, premiered in 2005 at the Palais-Royal in Paris.

A frothy comedy set in the office of Dr Stern, a world-renowned neuropsychiatrist in obsessive-compulsive disorder – OCD. A consultation with the renowned Dr. Stern is hard to come by as he travels extensively and rarely returns to France.

Coprolalia, arrhythmomania, nosophobia, palilalia are just some of the ailments of the six patients who meet in Dr Stern’s waiting room.

The neuropsychiatrist is delayed, stuck in Frankfurt airport. After a while, the patients will try to kill time by improvising a group therapy that will put everyone out of their comfort zone. Everyone will tell their own story.



„The directors (Alexandru Boureanu și Raluca Paun) they counted on the success of this boulevard comedies, because they were based on two important elements: the text written alert, with lines of effect and with a rhythm of the development of the comic that always includes the surprise in its formula; and on the performance of the cast, able to highlight the lively humor of the play. This text shows the experience of actor and writer for radio and television entertainment shows, of Laurent Baffie, who dropped out of school to pursue his vocation, being attracted by these two media of our time.
Tackling a sensitive and convoluted subject, the playwright resorts to the comic devices of folk-language, and this could be a trap for a troupe of actors who can slip beyond the fine line of coarse effect.
The TNC actors didn’t fall into this trap, they generally avoided thick tones, subtly winking at the audience, who rewarded their performance with applause.”


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