Are we human or are we dancers? Are we human or are we dancers?

Are we human or are we dancers?

Teatru: Teatrul National Marin Sorescu
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Most of the time the artist on stage is telling someone else’s story. He is seen as a man with no past and no future. It’s as if he only exists when the eyes are on him, when the lights are on and everything is set up for the artistic act to exist. Most of the time it’s not about him, about his fears, his vulnerabilities, his preferences, his opinions.

This show is about them, about these people who come to reveal to the audience deep but also banal aspects of their personality. It moves from movement to emotions, to moods in a fluid, organic way, without filter or judgement. Letting themselves be seen in all their states – a rare freedom, whether these states are emotional or physical.

The performer himself is at the centre of this performance in which his body oscillates between the natural and the spectacular.

Are we human or are we dancers? is a question that comes from the stage to the audience.



“She’s been dancing since she was a kid, which is forever, and she’s never done anything else. At 35, an experienced freelance artist, he’s at the beginning of a new path. Since autumn 2016, there has been Linotip-Independent Choreographic Centre in her life, of which she is artistic director. On 25 and 26 August, the new space will present “Hot Dog”, “a physical theatre performance”, where you can discover her. Also this week, on 23 August, as part of the Independent Festival of Anything Undercloud, she has a performance at the ArCuB of her production “2 contemporary women”, where she is both the creator of the concept and the choreographer and where the audience can see her on stage. About her life as an independent artist, about the place of contemporary dance in our artistic life, about prejudices and the need to break them down, about the place and possibilities of art in today’s world, we talked to Ioana Marchidan on a hot day, in the new space, for which she hopes for an ever growing audience.”

Dana Ionescu: chiar-daca-se-poate-intampla-sa-stai-cateva-luni-pe-bara/



“I sent a concept. This title – Are we human or are we dancers? had been in my head for a long time. It’s after The Killers’ famous song, but in the context of now it fits perfectly. While making a documentary about the company, I asked Imola (*that’s Marton Imola, artistic director of M Studio) to send me performances … I really like the company, they are super hardworking and creative. I proposed to do something about them, about their vulnerabilities and fragility, their fears, their anxieties (…) I thought that, in general, the artist, and especially the stage artist, is always playing a role. He plays for a certain period of time, but it’s as if they are never anchored in the present and it’s never as if it’s not about themselves, about the man, the man behind the artist.”

Ada Maria Ichim: Teatrul azi magazine (print): Nr. 7-8, 2022

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