Vlad Udrescu

Vlad Udrescu

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Despre Vlad Udrescu

Graduate of the U.N.A.T.C. I.L. Caragiale, Faculty of Theater specialization Art Actor class Prof. Dr. Adriana Popovici, class of 2008

2008-2010 Master, U.N.A.T.C. I.L. Caragiale, specialization Actor’s Art, class Prof. Dr. Gelu Colceag

Actor of the “Marin Sorescu” National Theatre in Craiova since 2015


Roles at the National Theatre “Marin Sorescu” Craiova

Buckingham „Richard al III-lea” de William Shakespeare, regia Bocsárdi László, stagiunea 2022-2023, premiera  28 mai 2022

Creon – „Oedip Rege” de Sofocle, regia Declan Donnellan, stagiunea 2022-2023, premiera  6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 mai 2022

Povestitor @acedesiguranță, de Ionuț Sociu, regia Bobi Pricop, 2021-2022, premiera 23 ianuarie 2022

Son, Backing vocals, Backing, Scared dogs – „ Dog with man. Dog without a man. ” by Lia Bugnar, Dan Coman, Simona Goşu, Maria Manolescu, Oana Pellea, Radu Tudoran and Radu Afrim, directed by Radu Afrim, season 2021-2022, premiere October 9, 2021

Paul / other characters – “Heart and other meat dishes” by Dan Coman, directed by Radu Afrim, season 2020-2021, premiere October 3, 2020

Harvey / Anthony / Greg / Victor / Jon – “Incognito” by Nick Payne, directed by Radu Iacoban, 2019-2020 season, preview August 23, 2020

Vlad – “The Snake Outfit” by Marius Aldea, concept, artistic direction and choreography by Andrea Gavriliu, 2019-2020 season, premiere June 19, 2020

Voices on the Phone / Kent – “Radio” by Eric Bogosian, directed by Bobi Pricop, 2019-2020 season, premiere December 14, 2019

Items – “Good news. Final! ” by Davide Carnevali, directed by Alexandru Dabija, 2019-2020 season, premiere November 10, 2019

Demetrio – “Operation Mars” by Alexa Băcanu, directed by Dragoș Alexandru Mușoiu, 2019-2020, premiere September 18, 2019

Dominik – “Bang” by Marius Von Mayenburg, directed by Theodor Cristian Popescu, season 2018-2019, premiere June 5, 2019

Samuel – “House with Meerkats” by David Drábek, directed by Radu Afrim, 2018-2019 season, premiere April 20, 2019

Du Croisy / Tartuffe – “Fȇte” after Molière, directed by Andreea Ciocîrlan, season 2017-2018, premiere February 17, 2018

Vald – “The Author” by Tim Crouch, directed by Bobi Pricop, season 2017-2018, premiere November 4, 2017

Leo – “The Elephant in the Room or The Vibrator Play” by Sarah Ruhl, directed by Dragoș Alexandru Mușoiu, season 2016-2017, premiere March 15, 2017

Franz / Receptionist / Beggar – “The Other Country” by Herta Müller, directed by Alexandru Istudor, 2016-2017 season, premiere December 17, 2016

Marc Antoniu “Iulius Caesar” by William Shakespeare, directed by Peter Schneider, 2015-2016 season, premiere April 17, 2016

Konstantin Gavrilovich Treplev “The Seagull” by Anton Pavlovich Chekhov, directed by Yiannis Paraskeveopolous , season 2015-2016, premiere December 5, 2015

The Second Man Illusions” by Ivan Vîrîpaev, directed by Bobi Pricop, 2014-2015 season, premiere May 29, 2015


Roles at other theatres

C / Bim / Vi / B – “Quad”, “What Where”, “Come and Go” and “Play” by Samuel Beckett, directed by Dragoș Alexandru Mușoiu, Bucharest National Theater, 2016

Albany – “Dystopia.Shakespeare.Remix.” after William Shakespeare, directed by Catinca Drăgănescu, I. L. Caragiale National Theater, Bucharest, 2014 watch? v = Cbe8NJvNAJc

Acaste “The Misanthrope” by Molière, directed by Alexandru Mâzgăreanu, Nottara Theater, Bucharest, 2014 ? v = SYUsggY5c3o

Performer / Dancer – “Original Choreographic Recreation” , concept by Cristi Nanculescu, National Dance Center, 2014

P – „Pool. No water ” by Mark Ravenhill, directed by Dragoș Alexandru Mușoiu, U.N.A.T.C., 2014

The Boy / C.E.O./ The Volunteer – “Occupy Future” by Catinca Drăgănescu, directed by Catinca Drăgănescu, Mignion Theater, 2014 .com / watch? v = qc3A8um67l4

Sebi Cordoș – “Aggressive Mediocrity (a debate-performance)” , directed by Catinca Drăgănescu, Green Hours Monday Theater, 2014

Robert Toscano – “Disco Love” by Yasmina Reza, Godot cafe-theater, Bucharest, 2014

Performer – “Europe (s)”, concept Armel Roussel, Brussels National Theater, Belgium (FITS), 2013

Simon Labrosse – “Seven Days of Simon Labrosse’s Life” , directed by Elena Morar, Green Hours Monday Theater, Bucharest, 2013

An Oltenian – “Some Oltenians” dramatization after “La lilieci” by Marin Sorescu, directed by Constantin Fugaşin, La Scena, Bucharest, 2012

The Storyteller “Venus and Adonis” by Wiliam Shakespeare, “25 Hours of Theater” Festival, Sibiu, 2012

Vlad – theatrical sitcom “The Girl Who Lost Her Head” by Raluca Adina Avram, directed by Catinca Drăgănescu, One-Man Show Season uri – EL Comandante, 2011

Villi – “M&M” by Ștefan Caraman, directed by Cristi Bajora, Backstage Theater. Bucharest, 2011

Voinitev – “Platonov” by Anton Pavlovich Chekhov, directed by Liviu Lucaci, Very Small Theater, Bucharest, 2009

Orsino – “The Twelfth Night” by William Shakespeare, directed by Liviu Lucaci, Masca Theater, Bucharest, 2009

Percinet – “Romantic” by Edmond Rostand, directed by Alexandru Mâzgăreanu; Comedy Theater, Bucharest, 2008



  • Sarajevo Film Festival, “Film Stage Studio” intensive film workshop at “Talent Campus Sarajevo” with director Gazdag Gyula, 2016,
  • role: Anton – “Raaz Rebooted”, director Vikhram Bhatt, producer Mahesh Bhatt, 2016, role played in English,
  • role: Moris – “Richi’s Dream”, directed by Lari Gligor, producer Mortoci Film, 2015,
  • voice-over – “Wannbes”, director Răzvan Barseti, producer Makina Film, 2014
  • role: El – “Conect”, director Nicoleta Moise, UNATC, 2009


Workshops and residencies

  • Creative residency within the Gogolfest site-specific festival, offered by the European Theater Convention, Kiev, 2016

  • Vocal technique workshop applied to the ancient tragedy “Bacchae” by Euripides, role: Pentheus, coordinated by director Daniele Salvo, T.N.M.S.C, 2015
  • “Shared space- weather, music and politics” at the Prague Contemporary Art Quadrennial 2015; Warsaw, Poland, 2014
  • “Cities on Stage” European cultural project in partnership with the Brussels National Theatre and the “Radu Stanca” Theatre Sibiu); workshop coordinated by director Armel Roussel, Brussels, Belgium. FITS, 2013,
  • “Michael Chekhov” with Ragnar Freidank – actor/ director/ board member of M.I.C.H.A. (Michael Chekhov Association), professor at the Graduate Acting Program of Columbia University, Bucharest, 2013
  • “In search of existential theatre” with David Esrig – Sibiu, 2007
  • “Shakespeare-Hamlet” with David Esrig- U.N.A.T.C. I.L.Caragiale, Bucharest, 2010



  • Winner of the “National Audition” (competition for young actors) 2014 edition with Robert Toscano’s monologue from “Happy the Happy” by Yasmina Reza, U.N.A.T.C. Bucharest, 2014
  • 2011 HOP Gala Finalist
  • Best performance at the Comédie Tends to the Young, “The Romantics” by Edmond Rostand, 2008
  • Best performance at the Piatra Neamt Youth Festival, “Platonov” by Anton Pavlovich Chekhov, 2009
  • Special Jury Prize for the role of the Aviator in “The Little Prince” by Antoine de Saint Exupery at the “Iuliu Maniu” Francophone Festival, Târgu Mureș, 2005, role played in French
  • “Solo Performance work” with Eric Trules (professor at USC’s School of Theater, Fulbright Specialist in American Studies-Theater) at the U.N.A.T.C. I.L. Caragiale, Bucharest, 2010
  • „L`ARIA” – internship in Corsica from the French Embassy in Romania; Corsica, 2006. Roles performed in French during the internship:

– Taltybios from Seneca’s “Les Troienes”

– Jean Padan from the play of the same name by Dario Fo.

Roluri jucate de-a lungul timpului

în The snake outfit
în Elefantul din cameră sau the vibrator play
în Radio
în Operațiunea Marte
în Casa cu suricate
în Bang
în Autorul
în Cealaltă țară
în Vești bune. Final
în Iluzii
în Incognito
în Heart and other meat preparations
în dog with man. dog without man
în #acedesiguranță
în Oedipus
în Richard 3rd
Fiul, Backing vocals, Backing, Câinii speriați
în câine cu om.câine fără om – FNT
în Oedip Rege – FNT